Friday, August 19, 2011

Apostrophe it is!

It is not very common knowledge that it's International Apostrophe Day today. Google may not have celebrated it, but I would surely like to dedicate this post to it. And while I’m at it, why not as well share some good sources of info on the subject with my readers!

I admit to having been using the apostrophe (sometimes) in some inappropriate places in the past. Oh come on, everyone does it! But then a very kind reader showed so much grace as to forward me a very useful link on the correct usage of the apostrophe. I take this opportunity to thank the aforementioned reader again here for the gesture. It was nothing short of an eye-opener for me, given how great a stickler I am for spellings and the correct usage of grammar. Now I keep a strict tab on my apostrophes. I wish I hadn’t skipped the chapter on apostrophes in primary school. I was pretty lazy back then. Thank God for the internet!

I found this perfect example of an Apostrophe Catastrophe on a blog dedicated to just them. In this particular instance, the apostrophe should not have been there. Check out more instances HERE. You’re definitely in for some laughs!

To prevent such catastrophes from happening to you, I suggest you spare a look HERE for a nice and complete tutorial on the usage of apostrophes. I’m sure there are many out there who need a lesson on this subject. :P


Anonymous said...

Super lyk... Great wrk .. :)

Nitish solanki

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel!!! :)
Great to see you back. :)
Apostrophe error is one of the most common errors made by people. The best rule to avoid it: When in doubt, don't use an apostrophe. :P

P.S. Happy International Apostrophe Day!! :D

Waiting for your next post,

Mahima said...

Thank you :)

It feels great to be back too. Thank you :) and a happy Apostrophe Day to you too! :D
The next post is comin' up shortly!

merC_ry said...

Yeah, I didnt know that such a day even exists.
Thanks for this post, will look at the shared content. :)

_Such a Small post, are you unwell ? ;)

Mahima said...

Ooo... So now I've started being teased for my long posts. Oh Lord, what has the world come down to! (:P)
I've finally taken the cue actually...started writing shorter posts. Thank you for the reminder though MerC_ry :P

Amar said...

Useful and much needed as I myself made that mistake a couple of times in places where I should've never made it! But seriously just a slash of line but nobody can know the importance of it more than a writer! Great work! :)

Mahima said...

@Amar - Exactly! Only a writer can fathom the true significance of an extra "a" or a missed slash or hyphen, especially when they commit that blunder themselves. :P
Thank you so much :)

AzzArun said...

A little too late. but this is something I really wanted to share. :)

Mahima said...

Arun!! Amigoooo!
I wish there existed such a thing as a like button
for blog comments...'coz that was a great link you
And without any more ado, I must give you all the credit for
this post. Had you not told me about this particular day, this
post wouldn't have been written. Thank you! :)

AzzArun said...

Thank you Angel!! That was just a small "guru-dakshina" for what you taught me. ;)

Mahima said...'re always welcome. :)