Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sick and Chirpy!

Hey folks!

Okay, I have to admit I've been MIA from my blog for a tad too long. And as much as I hate to own up to it, the thing that compelled me to return to writing today is, well, illness. Yeah. Like most people around me, I am ill right now. Been so for the past few days, intermittently though. Be it common cold, fever, sore throat, sprained ankle, body-aches, over-exertion or bingeing (yes, I consider it a disease in my case), I've been there, done that in the past few days.

So, from great experience do I say, ILLNESS IS NOT GOOD. Neither for the mind nor for the body. It just takes away the joy from life. You may get food served to you in bed, or you may have people fawning over you, asking if you need anything, or you may get to sleep a lot (i absolutely love that part). But you might recall from the very last time that you fell ill - no matter how well you're being treated, you do not seem to enjoy any of it! What's more, you pile up the kilos lying around, and poor brain suffers severe damage working overtime, as you have got nothing to do all day but to think. All you can wish for in such situations is to get well soon. You crave for the sunlight, the chirping of birds, the sounds of wheels rattling on the road and the children playing in the streets. Or not. Maybe then for the hustle-bustle of the metro, a visit to the mall, a shopping spree, a class bunk or a hangout with friends (given that we live in a modern world, not the quintessential one I would rather have wished for). Bottomline - you wanna go out there, but all you get is bedrest and pills.

Come on, it happens with everybody. Working your butt off 24*7 for weeks at end, you end up wishing you'd just fall ill and get some days off to relax. Trust me when I say, that shall never happen. It's almost as if God's off on a vacation or he's outright forgotten he created you. But that's the whole idea behind an illness! It makes a grand appearance right at the time when you most wish it didn't. And that, my friends, is the beauty of His world. Illness brings along with it a deeper message from God. It serves to teach you not to take things for granted in life. Do your work diligently when you're supposed to. And do not wish for things to go as per your whims. Because if you do, you'll end up wishing they hadn't. God knows how to teach his children some great lessons. You'll screw up in no time, wishing you'd never so much as even wished. (well, yes, I've been spending my free time watching movies back to back. This prophetic sermon comes from my watching of a certain movie that might have really been dumb, but it gave rise to the prophet in an otherwise self-proclaimed sadist. Bruce Almighty all the way. :p)

Now for some real-world talk. Some of the things I really hate about being sick:
1. I have a low tolerance to the cold. So I take a blanket to bed when ill, and hence become the butt of everyone's taunts. "We're sweating like hell and rooting for the A.C. while she's cowering in a blanket. " Yeah, right.
2. As I said, illness come at the worst time possible. Holidays are on, and with a jam-packed schedule for the coming week, I hate having to miss anything. A school reunion tomorrow, movie the day after, followed by meeting with a friend who's coming to the city only for a day, and training visit the fourth day, I wonder what'll I be missing. None, God, please! :(
3. The very fact that I'm stranded alone, sick, at home on weekdays with nothing better to indulge in than watching movies and net surfing. Don't even feel like writing most of the time.

Signing off here with an earnest hope to recover ASAP! :)
Take care friends!
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