Monday, June 20, 2011

Wishes do get fulfilled, and how!

Life's great these days. All my wishes, spoken or unspoken, seem to be reaching right into the Almighty's ears. Everything has suddenly become brighter and shinier, making me happier and chirpier (you can pretty well see that).

With my bestie's birthday just gone by and the much-awaited outdoor trip (which I talked about here) due to take off in another 24 hours, I've been keeping kinda very busy these days. And to think I was planning to spend these holidays sitting idle, doing nothing at all. I'M LOVIN' THE CHANGE.

I've been fairly satisfied to see that my frequency of posting has been increasing over the last few days (actually, right since those horrible things called exams got over). But the real icing on the cake of literal bliss came when my post Of Mice and Men... got selected as one of BlogAdda's Spicy Saturday Picks this weekend. Talk about total literal nirvana.

And then my mom returned from her overseas trip this morning, and life suddenly turned a full circle. Now with my new ALDO sunglasses, handbag, wedge heels, clothes and yes - my new phone, finally - I feel like I can take on the world. :P
Here's what it looks like.

Did I hear someone calling me boastful there? Oops! I didn't mean to be so. I am just plain elated right now. My new phone is like, good. Real good. And with all this shopping and packing going on, I hardly have had the time to look inside for some humility. I really wanna be on top of the world right now. Until it lasts, at least. Because right after I return from my little foray up the mountains, my month long industrial training in an Electronics PSU (*yawn*) awaits me. And then I'll remember these days and sigh. So, I surmise, why not live up to every moment? I know you'd agree. :)

So here I am, bidding adieu to all the lovely friends I'm leaving behind. Hope these four days of full exposure to the mountain air give me the high I have needed for quite a while. I'll be back soon. Till then, take care, keep smiling and I hope some of you miss me. *wishful thinking*
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