Friday, June 10, 2011

A summer full of wishes!

Hola amigos!

I return to writing after a long sabbatical, if I may even call it so. But with two harrying weeks of engineering examinations, along with loads of problems on the personal front as well, one can hardly be expected to find and put together the right words to write, and to get them to make some sense too. Too hard a job for me to accomplish. Not that I was actually studying for the exams all this time though. I've just been having a really tough time, personally. And trying not to let it affect my academic and social life took up all my time and might. But not anymore. I'm back with a new vengeance, and it won't take long enough for me to get back into my element!

So here finally is the summer, with the much-awaited summer holidays to accompany. We all have some aspirations when it comes to the holiday season. A long outdoor vacation, adventure sports(alas), vocational classes, books, indulgence in food and shopping - the list just cannot cover all. I just came up with my own wish-list too. Only to realize, it is actually very unfulfillable right now, what with my twisted ankle and the darned period of bed-rest, yet again. But, for the record, am not gonna stick to the bed-rest for more than two days, as usual (today's the second, and I already have plans to go shopping tomorrow.)

Here are some of the things that are on my wish list for this season -

1. A new phone
I know, it sounds weird, thrifty even, but I've been carrying the same phone for the last two years. It pretty much fulfilled all my needs and wants, and it might not be completely high-end or flashy, but it's been a good one. Not to forget it had some sentimental value attached to it too. But now I am up for a change. An immediate one, in fact. But the problem is, I cannot come to decide what to buy! A touch phone is what I've been wanting for quite some time, but then a Blackberry has it's own charms too! So basically, I am confused. Hope to be able to make the decision asap, 'cos I can't live with this one for long!

2. A whole new library
Okay, this one is far too far-fetched. And to add to it, I'd like it to be more gifted than bought. Is that too much to ask? :P
There is this whole lot of books that I want to read this season. The books I recommend every readaholic like me to read. You may check out the list here. Plus, I already have bought three to read up back to back. Amitav Ghosh's The Glass Palace and The Hungry Tide and well, Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse. Some of you may want to leave that one out. :P But hey, I believe in keeping my read list varied!

3. A Wardrobe Makeover
I need to makeover my summer wardrobe. Need to shop more. To mix and match stuff I already have. Until I end up looking good. Come on now, that's one helluva feel-good thing for anyone, and with that I don't just mean the girls! But as I mentioned earlier, until I can manage to walk straight again, not much of shopping or feel-good things are in the offing for me. :(
So I'd rather just manifest my desires in this cute summery look sported by Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf in the TV series Gossip Girl. I love it! :D

4. An outdoor trip
Yes! Finally something that I am certain about!
So I am going off for four days to this little hamlet-like place in Uttarakhand, called Kotdwar, with a huge group of family, friends and little kids. I hope it turns out the way I am imagining it will, which shall make it the perfect getaway and the ultimate stress-buster for me after this whole stressful semester. And the very fact that I'm going with my bestie Rose, makes it all the more exciting!

I guess I am happy now. At least this last thought distracted me from the pain in my foot and its various side effects. Now I can go and fantasize about the trip and all the preparations I gotta do for it. So I'd like to sign off here on a good note. But be on the lookout, I'm not done writing yet. Rather just started! :D


Anonymous said...

Hola ángel!!
Welcome back. I hope your exams went great. (:P)
Summer full of wishes. I don't think the title is justified. Just four of them. :P But yeah, I wish your wishes get fulfilled.
It's your life, your choices. Be it phone you carry, the books you read or the look you sport. :)
Have a great trip and a speedy recovery for your twisted ankle.
Enjoy. Take care. Keep writing and smiling. :)

Anonymous.. ;)

Mahima said...

Hi anonymous (Arrghhhh, how I hate having to call you that!!)

Btw, great to have your comment as the first one! :D
Thank you for the wishes. I really need to get well soon, a whole summer vacation is waiting out there for me after all!
And yes, what to do, I am a saintly person, not one to wish a lot from life. :) (:P)
Feels so good to be back again !

Prateek said...

A wardrobe makeover is just in my wishlist. I recently had a winter make over for else. :P

Mahima said...

Wardrobe makeovers are in! :D
Btw, what did you mean by "for else"?

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry, I cannot help you in that and I hope you are not trying to find out my real identity.. Being Anonymous is awesome!! :D
Btw, did you know about the arrival of Anonymous in India. If no, check this out.

As for the first comment, I am hopeful that soon it'll be a trend. :D
I hope you get whatever you desire however less or more.. :)

Mahima said...

Don't worry I am not making any efforts to reveal your true identity. But I feel I know you. Well. Donno if it's just me or what. We'll see that, someday. ;)

And that link, honestly, I didn't understand a word of what it means of what this particular group of anonymous people is trying to do. Kindly elaborate!

And as always, thank you for the wishes.. :)

Anonymous said...

i think u can have the touch phone which is a blackberry!! think the torch is preety good.. use it myself & satisfied.. the only downside is battery life but that's the case with Most so called smart phones these days!! cheers.. & Loved ur wishes note.. :)