Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is the New Year really here?

Well, it's a genuine question. Straight from my heart. Is the New Year really here? I mean, didn't 2011 just begin? I guess not. And reality says 2012 is indeed just 2 days and a few hours away. But I was loving this year! I was enjoying probably the best days I've had over the whole of 2011. Does it have to end already? *whining* Oh, but wait. Just because the year is gonna end and we're entering a new year, doesn't mean the fun has to end too, right? I think I'm still gonna enjoy my life as much as ever. *relieved*

For now I'm just loving the extremely chilly weather and the fog that is enveloping Delhi these days. Feels like I'm back in Kashmir, with the familiar freezing of hands as I type this and the loads of layers of clothes that I'm wearing, not to miss the warm fuzzy cap on my head right now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all my lovely readers,

A very merry Christmas!! :D

It's hard for me to believe how fast this year really went by. It seriously feels like 2011 just came and went as if it were only about a month long. That fast. But where did it go really?? I wonder. Anyway, it was a wonderful year on the whole. With an absolutely beautiful ending. I couldn't have wanted more from life. No regrets. :)

So here's something to make my blog all festive and Christmassy, in perfect synch with the spirit of the season.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Indiblogger Meet in Delhi


This interjection was meant to signify that I've finally got an internet connection at the new house. Two more days I'd have had to bear this phone internet, and I'd have died of lack of exposure to the virtual sunlight and rain. Well, that might be an exaggeration really, but you get the drift I hope.

My exams are on and I'm having a gala time doing nothing all day but eat, sleep and roam around the new neighborhood. I now understand what a thrill explorers must have derived from their pursuits of totally new places. I am having a good time exploring my humble little neighborhood. :)

Okay so I know I am late in posting about this, but yeah, I attended the HPOriginals Indiblogger Delhi meet held last Sunday at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place. And all I can say is, there could have been no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially when you have a major examination the very next day for which you're not in the least prepared.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What's new?

Let not the title mislead you. This news-update-kind-of-post does not mean I have run out of ideas to write about. In fact, quite contrarily, my mind's been overactive these past few days, owing a lot probably to the lack of physical exercise in my life. Yes, it is the week before my semester ending examinations, and I have nothing else to do all day but sit and think of what to study (and then study - but I seldom reach that stage) or to eat and sleep. No TV, no internet connection as of now, and no college or friends to spend some fun time with. It is mind-numbingly boring and monotonous. Days literally seem to drag on for months.

I've been meaning to write but a phone isn't exactly the kind of device I prefer to update my blog from. Feels primitive, insufficient. But it had been too long that I'd been away...had to write. So, just thought lemme start off with a few updates on what's new in this lovely month of December.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Found an excuse!

Today was yet another of those days that I spent mentally cursing myself for not having adequate control over my own life. And such days are actually becoming more of a routine now. I mean, laziness isn't even a valid enough excuse any more for not being able to fulfill my commitments. Commitments to myself, to my friends, my readers and maybe any other commitments that I don't even seem to recall now. You see how complacent a person can be? And this is not even my upper limit.

But coming back to the title of the post - yeah I found the perfect theory to justify my being MIA again for long. I stumbled upon this blog while rummaging through random pages while on my way to those wretched weekend classes early this morning. A few lines down the page and I come across this theory that suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Angel in Paradise !

Four days of total relaxation in the Valley - the sureshot key to profound bliss.

I am in a state of full contentment right now. It's been five days since my return from Kashmir, and yet the feeling of inner peace just seems to persist. Throw in a set of amazing friends, a completely mad and awesome birthday celebration, and some temporary respite from college, and there, you have it. The perfect life.

I am gearing up to write a lot over the next few days. Actually I planned to write about my experiences while I was in Kashmir. But the sheer beauty and laidback feel of the place urged me to give up all worldly matters and just soak in the magic. So that is what I did. And now that I'm back, I have lots to say and show you. So kindly bear with me for the next few posts!

Friday, November 4, 2011

November spells Ecstacy

Happy November readers! :D

Come the month of November and my spirits instinctively soar. The fact that it is the month of my birth is surely not the only reason, though it is indeed a major reason behind all that extra excitement. I mean I don't know. Is it just me, or is November indeed the month of romance and joy? It seems as if love is in the air. Or again, maybe it's just me. Whatever it is, it feels lovely. And not even these ongoing mid-semester exams can mellow down my spirits.

I've long been in wait for this month to arrive. Because this year round, I have more reasons to rejoice than just the obvious one. Let me just give you a brief run down on what all I've been excited for.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Colors and festivity

I return a little too late after Diwali. What to do, these examinations never seem to leave us engineering students alone! They're always, as in ALWAYS, going on. I did not even enjoy the biggest festive season of our country like I would have at any other time. But not one to regret anything in life, I come back today in full spirit to fulfill my promise of giving you a glimpse at the Rangoli I made this year. As I hardly had time or the inclination this time round, I only managed to make a simple but colorful design in the front verandah of my house. Here's a look. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Diwali Celebrations, and how?

It was the Saturday before Diwali, so there had to be a thousand parties being thrown across the city. For a change, we happened to have a personal invitation to one such card party at a friend's place. Little did I know it would turn into an all-night affair.

So this party's being held in a nice big house in Defence Colony. We park the car and enter the courtyard of the house to find caterers dishing out some awesome-looking food at break-neck speed. Intrigued, we enter the house, to be taken up the beautifully lit up stairs by the gracious host to the party floor. And by God what an ambience. The table bang in front of the entrance stands brimming with drinks of all hues and tastes. Food, as I mentioned above, keeps coming in, in what seems similar to truckloads. The whole house is dimly lit, and for a change, little kids are not to be seen running around toppling over stuff. Some nice party that. Not that I really have much to drink or eat at such parties though.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missing in Action..!

Aren't you guys really fed up of my frequent apologies for being MIA for long durations? For the record, I sure am. It's kinda frustrating when you want to write but cannot find the time or the inspiration to do so. Now you'd say that I could write about anything if I really wanted to. But you wouldn't surely want to read random stuff about daily happenings in the life of a person as boring as I feel I am becoming these days. Or maybe you just might. But then again, the time factor also has its role to play. Anyway, here I am now. And here's to my readers to whom I promised I'll try to write twice a week - I trust you'll bear with me during all such dry spells and the upcoming exam week as well. :)

It's the weekend before Diwali. And this time round, my mid-semester exams have chosen to coincide with the post-Diwali week. Trust me, it's nothing short of a complete disaster that I foresee. What with my backache issue springing up yet again, I've been missing college and classes more than ever now. I wouldn't say I don't love doing that *smug grin* but on a serious note, I am near about clueless as to how I'll manage to get past this wall of exams that awaits me on the other side of this festive week.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Call me Particular if you may!

I've been itching to write on this particular topic for a very long time. Which topic? And why particularly this topic? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Particularity. I am very particular about some things in life. Very, as in VERY particular. Some of the things that might even make me come across as a freak to some. Just felt like writing all this down today. I don't force you to read anyway. Read if you have enough time to throw away.

1. The K Syndrome
People have this extremely annoying tendency to use "k" very frequently. Be it in text messages or on chat, the K syndrome is just plain frustrating. Add to it the SMS lingo that has been trending for the last few years. No words could possibly bring out my true hatred for it. People use it with such confidence and pride that it makes me wonder what's there to be so happy about in using such insanely shortened words? Isn't it really a mask to hide your poor spellings? And there is no consistency even in the kind of abbreviations people nowadays tend to employ. I mean, okay, abbreviations can still be justified if you don't like to type a lot. But how can you justify using mah for my? What kind of abbreviation technique is THAT?

Monday, October 3, 2011

I miss those days..!

I miss those days when Classic Cartoon Network and Discovery Channel used to play all the time on our 14-inch TV sets. My holiday schedule comprised of watching Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, I R Weasel and Mystery Hunters, with some holiday homework and outdoor play thrown in here and there. Living in a joint family meant spending whole days playing Ghar-ghar indoors, Gallery on the terrace or Hide and seek in the street. I would go upstairs to my cousin's place to sit there chatting for hours or watching TV, until Dad called for the tenth time for me to come down and have lunch. That's when a frantic search for my slippers would begin in every nook and cranny of the house. Only to realise after 10 minutes of mad searching that I hadn't been wearing them when I came! My cousins still tease me over that. I miss those days.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The End of a mini Era

I admit that was a little dramatic. But I couldn't think of a more suitable title!! In a way, these last ten days have been a mini era for my blog, and for my growth as a blogger. And at last it comes to an end today. And what could have been more apt to end it with but the ultimate glimpse at who I am? The real me? Nothing I could have thought of.

As opposed to all the previous posts where I've claimed to have had a hard time selecting what to include and what not to, it can be safely assumed that this one was the hardest. Come on, a picture of mine? On my blog? Ah yes, I should mention here (because many of my recent followers might not know it) that till some time ago, I used to blog anonymously, under the pseudonym of "Angel". Why this choice of pen name you wonder? Because some people who've always mattered the most in my life had taken to calling me by that name with love. Angel. Doesn't it bring a smile to everyone's face? It sure does to mine. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Musically Yours : The 2 Songs

How quickly time flies. It's already time for my 9th post in this series; and to think I just started it a few days ago! But like someone said to me yesterday, it's human tendency to get attached to something you happen to be associated with for some time, no matter how short. And it's difficult to let go.

But coming back to the focal point of this post, which is something I hold closest to my heart - music - I'll let you in on the two songs that come to haunt me (in a good way though) at all times when my mind is idle. Although I shortlisted at least 5-6 songs for this post, I still had to choose, and these were the two which bagged the honor:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 3 *sigh* Movies I Love

Being an absolute movie addict and still having to choose only three movies that I love the most is what makes me sigh above. Come on, it's so hard to not love a hundred movies at the same time! Movies are my friend, confidante as well as my punching bag. No matter how hard I work all seven days of the week, given my college, assignments, frequent exams and weekend classes, my week still doesn't conclude unless and until I watch at least 3 to 4 (sometimes even more) movies. That is how much I love 'em.

Coming back to the point, here's a list of the three movies that first came to my mind when I thought about writing this post.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My 4 Most Loved Books of All Time

Books - my first and last love! But seriously, am I expected to sum up my all-consuming love for books in just FOUR titles? This is sheer torture. Selecting any 4 of my favorite books would be blasphemy towards them. And yet, such is life, such are challenges. They're always meant to challenge you in every way possible. So here they are, the 4 titles that I declare to be my favorite books of all time (in no particular order).

Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Finger-lickin' Foods I Love

So it's about food today, huh? Now that's something real fun to talk about. And unlike what you might be expecting from me right now, I'd only say five is a perfect number for listing down my favorite foods. Why? Because I am a very moody person when it comes to eating. Most of the time, hardly anything even worth being called 'food' impresses me except for candy and chocopies. But they do not qualify as food (or do they?) Although I must here mention, I have been taught since childhood to eat (and finish) anything I am served, and not to throw any tantrums about it. So that's what I do, whether I like it or not. But there are barely around five things that I really love to eat anytime, anywhere, and I enlist them here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 Places I'd Love to Visit

Continuing with The 10 Day YOU Challenge series, I arrive today with a list of six places I absolutely love to visit. Now a place needn't necessarily mean a city or a country. And yeah, the title is kind of a misnomer, given that the places I'm thinking of are not necessarily the ones I would like to visit in the future, but also the ones that I love to visit often. You'll understand better once you read my six favorite places. Here goes:

1. Kashmir. It is better known as Paradise on Earth. But that's not the only reason why I love it - there's more.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My 7 Wants

Everyone has some needs and wants in life. In my case, I just have a little more of them than others. And it's human nature to want more and more - we homo sapiens come programmed that way. No matter how well provided one may be, one's wishes never cease to exist. After all, it isn't like the Ambani scions wouldn't ever want anything from life. So if they can, why can't I?

With that I embark upon my next installment in the 10 Day YOU Challenge series, that chronicles my seven wants. Isn't that figure a little too less? I mean this is the easiest of them all. Wishes! And if you've been a regular follower of my humble blog, you would know that I have a lot of wishes in life. I usually tend to wish for something and then entirely forget about it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

8 of My Worst Fears

Until recently, I used to pride over the fact that I’m not afraid of anything – ghosts, vampires, lizards, cockroaches, darkness, heights or water – just any damn thing. And then I sat down to think about what to write in this third post of The 10 Day YOU Challenge series. And it hit me – I have many fears in life. I just never classified them into that specific psychological category called “fears”. But they were present all along, some mere childish, but some more deep-rooted than I would admit. So with this post, I try to come clean with the 8 major fears that lie inside of me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

9 Loves of My Life

Time for the next confession post? Whoa. Well, here I am then, ready to share the nine loves of my life with you.

[Disclaimer: 'Loves' here do NOT imply romantic interests or alliances. Just to warn you not to let your expectations soar. :P]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 10 Secrets of My Life

Have I seriously taken up a challenge that requires me to disclose TEN well-kept secrets of mine to the world? Wow. I’m certainly turning too brave for my skin.
Well then, here are the 10 secrets that I’m gonna share with you today.

1. There are many of those times in my life when I get a severe attack of inferiority complex. From anyone – be it a good looking or well dressed girl I see, or an intelligent classmate, or just a fellow musician or guitarist. I can’t help but feel low, thinking how bloody useless a person I am. My friends won’t share my views on this matter though. Precisely why it’s a guarded secret of mine. :P

2. I am a trained Reiki healer. Well yes, I am, thank you.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The 10 Day YOU Challenge

Exams are gone, and my spirits are soaring high again! And so I return today with a brand new segment on my blog. It's actually an open challenge I found on a blog some time ago, as part of which I have to write a blog post everyday for the next 10 days, each post giving a deeper insight into my life than I've ever given out here before.

So the first day it's gonna be about my ten hidden secrets, followed by nine things/people I love, with eight of my worst fears coming up next, and so it continues, till finally that one picture of mine.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exam blues - already!

As I fix my daily dose of caffeine and get comfy into my Beanu (that's how I lovingly address my new bean bag), I take a look around. And by God, does it depress me. Books and books everywhere. Okay, not THAT many, to be honest. But even three engineering course books lying together give out an impression of a whole lot of them. You can't even reckon how fat and how utterly depressing they can get. And to think, I have a couple of engineering years still in front of me. Wonder how I'll tide through them without going insane.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I love you Mom!

Mother of mine, you gave to me
All of my life to do as I please.
I owe everything I have to you
Mother, sweet mother of mine...

Mother of mine, when I was young
You showed me the right way things have to be done.
Without your love where would I be?
Mother, sweet mother of mine…

Mother you gave me happiness
Much more than words can say.
I pray to the lord that he may bless you
Every night and every day…

Mother of mine, now I am grown
And I can walk straight all on my own.
I want to give you what you gave to me
Mother, sweet mother of mine…

I learnt the above lines when I was a little kid, as part of a group song we performed in school. The only difference being, the word “mother” in the original poem was replaced with “teacher” to make it suitable to be sung on Teachers’ day. What sheer genius, I must say!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Apostrophe it is!

It is not very common knowledge that it's International Apostrophe Day today. Google may not have celebrated it, but I would surely like to dedicate this post to it. And while I’m at it, why not as well share some good sources of info on the subject with my readers!

I admit to having been using the apostrophe (sometimes) in some inappropriate places in the past. Oh come on, everyone does it! But then a very kind reader showed so much grace as to forward me a very useful link on the correct usage of the apostrophe. I take this opportunity to thank the aforementioned reader again here for the gesture. It was nothing short of an eye-opener for me, given how great a stickler I am for spellings and the correct usage of grammar. Now I keep a strict tab on my apostrophes. I wish I hadn’t skipped the chapter on apostrophes in primary school. I was pretty lazy back then. Thank God for the internet!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Beginner's Guide to Escapism

Escapism, n.
Merriam-Webster define it succinctly as "habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine."
Wikipedia defines it more vividly as "mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an escape from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve persisting feelings of depression or general sadness."

We've got the picture quite clearly by now, haven't we? Escapism, as defined above, is an art in its own right. And an awesome art it is, I tell you! There are a thousand and one ways to practice it, and yet you can never be sure you've done it all. Habitual escapists follow a very simple rule – escape what you can’t change. No matter what the problem, there are always multiple ways to escape it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sick and Chirpy!

Hey folks!

Okay, I have to admit I've been MIA from my blog for a tad too long. And as much as I hate to own up to it, the thing that compelled me to return to writing today is, well, illness. Yeah. Like most people around me, I am ill right now. Been so for the past few days, intermittently though. Be it common cold, fever, sore throat, sprained ankle, body-aches, over-exertion or bingeing (yes, I consider it a disease in my case), I've been there, done that in the past few days.

Monday, June 27, 2011

And...I'm back!

Hello all!

Here I am, back from my much-hyped summer getaway, and feeling as little refreshed as I never thought I would!

The trip was good. Good because all my friends were together with me and we had lots of fun. The weather was sometimes really good too (though sometimes it really sucked, despite the place being a hill station). We visited Kotdwar, Lansdowne, Haridwar and Rishikesh, all lying in the state of Uttarakhand. It was a bit of an adventure actually, given the kinda conditions we had to live in initially, and the creatures we had to encounter through the nights. I got some great closeup shots of these super awesome companions, which I'll be showcasing here soon. For now, here are some shots of the places we visited and the awesome mausam there. (Did I forget to mention that I'm a bit of a photography enthusiast too?)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wishes do get fulfilled, and how!

Life's great these days. All my wishes, spoken or unspoken, seem to be reaching right into the Almighty's ears. Everything has suddenly become brighter and shinier, making me happier and chirpier (you can pretty well see that).

With my bestie's birthday just gone by and the much-awaited outdoor trip (which I talked about here) due to take off in another 24 hours, I've been keeping kinda very busy these days. And to think I was planning to spend these holidays sitting idle, doing nothing at all. I'M LOVIN' THE CHANGE.

I've been fairly satisfied to see that my frequency of posting has been increasing over the last few days (actually, right since those horrible things called exams got over). But the real icing on the cake of literal bliss came when my post Of Mice and Men... got selected as one of BlogAdda's Spicy Saturday Picks this weekend. Talk about total literal nirvana.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ultimate Joy

Their eyes look up to you for love and care. Watching their playful giggles and unaffected demeanor brings a smile to your own face. How can you possibly ignore such innocent charm?

I have been associated for the past two years with a Gurukul run by the Arya Samaj, in the Subhash Nagar district of New Delhi. It is a charitable foundation, one of many such gurukuls situated all across India that are a part of Arya Samaj’s initiative to impart education to underprivileged children from across the country.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Of Mice and Men...

Thank you BlogAdda, for featuring my post here.

While watching a little mouse scurrying along the walls of my room the other night, a thought occurred to me. And it kept me awake and thinking for a considerable amount of time. Is there really any difference between mice and men in the real sense? Well, keeping aside the obvious example of the “rat race” that our lives have become in this fiercely competitive world. I see some more similarities here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A summer full of wishes!

Hola amigos!

I return to writing after a long sabbatical, if I may even call it so. But with two harrying weeks of engineering examinations, along with loads of problems on the personal front as well, one can hardly be expected to find and put together the right words to write, and to get them to make some sense too. Too hard a job for me to accomplish. Not that I was actually studying for the exams all this time though. I've just been having a really tough time, personally. And trying not to let it affect my academic and social life took up all my time and might. But not anymore. I'm back with a new vengeance, and it won't take long enough for me to get back into my element!

So here finally is the summer, with the much-awaited summer holidays to accompany. We all have some aspirations when it comes to the holiday season. A long outdoor vacation, adventure sports(alas), vocational classes, books, indulgence in food and shopping - the list just cannot cover all. I just came up with my own wish-list too. Only to realize, it is actually very unfulfillable right now, what with my twisted ankle and the darned period of bed-rest, yet again. But, for the record, am not gonna stick to the bed-rest for more than two days, as usual (today's the second, and I already have plans to go shopping tomorrow.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spare a Toy, Gift Them Joy

Twice a day, as I walk past the tiny cluster of potters' huts on my way to college and back, I wonder at the extreme disparity between this world and the one I come from. These crumbling hutments with their innumerable residents and the clay pots, pans and animal figures, and those modern homes with their Air conditioners, comfortable furniture and luxuries that are in fact considered as basic amenities. Everything is the same - people, their daily need of food, water and shelter, their right to education and a decent living. Yet, the two worlds are far apart. The Indian economy is, no doubt, partly to blame. But the more important issue to be focused upon here is the impact this inequality has on children. Deprived of proper education, books, toys and such simple joys of living, all they are left with in the name of childhood are distant memories of a state of perpetual need and insecurity. Working at tender ages and the lack of education deprive these children of their right to a happy and stimulating childhood.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love in the Facebookian Era

A popular SMS joke doing the rounds these days says that during a wedding, the bridegroom stops the ceremonies at the very climax of his wedding in order to update his relationship status to “married” on Facebook. What more, he asks his bride, standing beside him right in the middle of the altar, to accept his request to be listed as his “wife”. Very well put, I must say, keeping in mind today’s trend, where a kid’s Facebook statuses tell his family about his whereabouts and moods, and the number of people in one’s friend list and the number of messages in the inbox define one’s popularity. Brace up, people, for the Facebookian era is here.

But hey, what’s with this “love” twist?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ladies Coach in Delhi Metro – Seriously?

Thank you BlogAdda, for the feature!

Catfights are the rage this season. The other day, I was traveling in the blue line of the Delhi metro in the morning rush hour. As the doors opened at a stoppage, an ocean of women started pouring in, bustling for space and authority, filling up every left-out nook and cranny of the ladies coach. In all the hustle and bustle, an office-going young lady happened to fall back upon her neighbor, who unfortunately turned out to be a jaatni of quite a formidable temper. And that was it! She flew into a temper and pushed back, only to start with an argument. If only it had remained at that. But the next I knew, the jaatni had her hand pressed hard against the helpless girl’s throat, shouting profanities at her all along. In defense the girl’s hands flailed and fluttered about, managing to catch only as much as a button off the attempting murderer’s sweater. This only made the woman livid! “You dared tear a button off my sweater!” and WHAM! The slap resounded through the entire ladies coach, attracting many an unhidden gasp and exclamation. A girl standing right next to me, whom I assumed to be a newbie here, looked at me, visibly flabbergasted. And all I could think of saying to her was, welcome to the ladies coach of Delhi Metro.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eyes to my soul

As she appeared across the lawn, a shadow falling on her face, making it impossible to decipher her expression, I wondered. What was it about her that made her so dear to everyone she met? And yet, why was she hated so much by almost everyone at some or the other point in the course of their association with her? I suddenly realized I could never really understand her. She was an enigma to me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

~Happy New Year~ first post in this fresh new year...feels good!

My exams are on, and my mind's a big void. So all I can think of doing right now is to wish you all a happy new year ahead.

Here's wishing everybody a very happy new year 2011! Hope this new year brings with it lots of happiness, love, success and prosperity into everyone's lives. Adieu to the wonderful year gone by, and cheers to a fresh start to this new year!

Okay then, until I wind up these hellish exams and write again, all you beautiful and not-so-beautiful people out there - take loads of care, keep smiling and party hard all year long..'coz life's a never-ending party itself!