Saturday, December 25, 2010

A dead soul...

Here's the story of a dead soul...

Here I lay, dormant, cold,
Life seems to have gone on hold.
As numbness takes over every sense,
It leaves no place for any pretense.
Darkness, sorrow, hollow space -
They engulf me, give me my solace.
Enter my dark world and you'll see
The emptiness, the silence, the misery.

I look up to the leaden sky,
But I don't weep, I don't cry.
'Coz tears give way to muffled screams,
And I go to bed with shattered dreams.
My sleep is haunted by my own thoughts
Of what I sought and what I've got.
Life itself looms like a nightmare.
It seems I've lost myself somewhere.
And I do not fear this endless night.
What scares me now is sudden daylight.

Years of numbness have killed it all,
And there's nothing more dead than a dead soul.
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