Sunday, December 19, 2010

Being single!!!

Hey folks! All the single and not-so-single ones out there reading this...I am not ashamed to say this out loud, that yes, I AM SINGLE! Simply because I love it.

It is from first-hand experience that I speak on this topic. I know really how much a loving relationship matters in life. Be it your mother, father, sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or spouse - everybody needs to be loved, cared for and chided, because it makes them feel complete, happy. And once you know what it means to have that love, it becomes an addiction - even a purpose of living for some. A question comes to my mind here - why is today's generation so mad about having relationships early on in life (read: teens, or worse still, even pre-teens nowadays) and not just loving, but experimenting too, until they either land upon the right person or get so pissed off with commitment that they drop the whole idea altogether.

The answer lies in the erratic family structure characteristic of every other household today. Children no longer feel a connect with their parents and elders. Even siblings in many cases (mine included). The generation gap plays a big role here - it makes the kids drift apart from their parents, and thus, when they do not get the love, care and support they would otherwise have received from their family, they turn to their friends and contemporaries (i.e., the opposite sex).

But the thing with these adolescent relationships is that they seldom last. No matter how serious you are, or how good you've been together, it ultimately has to go wrong somewhere, else it isn't an adolescent fling at all! Somewhere down the line, either the parasites called jealousy, possessiveness or distrust start creeping in, or the relationship loses its charm, or in the end people have to give in to family pressure. The result - broken relationships, broken hearts, and worst of all - ghosts of the past. These are the ghosts that haunt your future life - taunts, guilt, regret, pain, tears, bouts of depression - and are bound to accompany a break-up. Trust me, they do not let you live happily!

I might sound like someone who doesn't believe in love. But as a matter of fact, I do. I am a die-hard romantic. But the inspiration to write this blog came to me in a sudden fit of practicality. Seeing a lot of break-ups and patch-ups happening around me all the time, especially in these few recent weeks, has made me somewhat a non-believer. Not that I am against anything of this sort (remember, I am a member of this generation, not the previous one!) It's just that for now, I am happy the way I am. SINGLE

Being single has a lot many advantages over being in a relationship. You are free - to go out with friends anytime (all the time), have a thousand crushes, do crow-watching and bird-watching to your heart's content, talk to n number of guys and gals without being looked upon by an eagle's eye, and to answer proudly, looking your family in the eye, "I am clean." Above all, singleton status gives you great peace of mind. There's no one to care for, no one to think about all the time, no one waiting perpetually for your texts and calls, and no one to hide from your family. I'd call it a win.

There's a spring in your step, a ring to your voice, a confidence in your words and a satisfaction in your life. And I must say, until and unless you have been in and out of a relationship, you won't understand what it is like to be free.


You can take this as MY theory on Being Single.

Until I write again, ADIEU!


P.S. I know some people may beg to differ from the views I've elucidated above. The ones who are in a satisfactory relationship or those who haven't yet been through one may think completely differently. And I totally respect their opinions (as I've also had the same opinions myself at some or the other stage of my life. :P)
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