Saturday, December 25, 2010

A dead soul...

Here's the story of a dead soul...

Here I lay, dormant, cold,
Life seems to have gone on hold.
As numbness takes over every sense,
It leaves no place for any pretense.
Darkness, sorrow, hollow space -
They engulf me, give me my solace.
Enter my dark world and you'll see
The emptiness, the silence, the misery.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Being single!!!

Hey folks! All the single and not-so-single ones out there reading this...I am not ashamed to say this out loud, that yes, I AM SINGLE! Simply because I love it.

It is from first-hand experience that I speak on this topic. I know really how much a loving relationship matters in life. Be it your mother, father, sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or spouse - everybody needs to be loved, cared for and chided, because it makes them feel complete, happy. And once you know what it means to have that love, it becomes an addiction - even a purpose of living for some. A question comes to my mind here - why is today's generation so mad about having relationships early on in life (read: teens, or worse still, even pre-teens nowadays) and not just loving, but experimenting too, until they either land upon the right person or get so pissed off with commitment that they drop the whole idea altogether.