Thursday, August 5, 2010

What’s it between Afghanistan and I??

Hmmmmm….now that seems to be a quintessentially weird title for a blog post, doesn’t it? But that’s precisely what I’ve been wondering for a long time now….what is it between Afghanistan and I?? What??? I feel like I’m being followed these days. No, not stalked by a person or a gang or anything, but by history - Afghan history. I have it everywhere around me – books, TV, even dreams. And not that anything of much ado is happening right now in that country. Nothing’s there in the news too (oh yes, I’m keeping my promise of reading the newspapers as best as I can :P) There is peace out there in Afghanistan. But alas, not here, in my mind. Okay okay…I guess I sound like I’m on dope :-P But no! It’s on!