Thursday, July 22, 2010

A tete-e-tete with my confused world...

Hello world!

Here I am again, back with full energy and spirit, to write another entry for my quite-newly-born blog, which has been missing me I’m sure. Now, one would surely ask, what kept me away for so long? Some would reason that I must've been busy, others would say I had lost inspiration. Some would downright declare me as not having what it takes to be a true blogger….bah! But you know what, to be frank, I don't really know what it was. Maybe I got too stuck up with my life, what with all these crappy programming classes, teaching kids, going out with friends, watching loads of movies (nice, I know :D), being advised full bed rest after having sprained my ankle yet again, for the third time, within a span of 2 months...Yeah, I know, sounds ridiculous, but true anyway. So the point remains, I could not write. But today I really feel the need to express.

I was playing back random little snippets of my life in my mind recently, when I got convinced that I've been up to no good in these past few months. I've been cut off from the real world and stuck in my own tiny li'l messed up universe that consists primarily of reading books, texting(I admit I am a textaholic), teaching kids for charity, giving coaching classes, watching movies, sleeping, eating, drinking and merry-making. Yes, that's about it all. How many times, in the past few months, have I not been attacked with an "OMG...don't you read the news???" along with a very genuinely horrified facial expression, to add to the brutality of the attack? Okay, people, I realize I haven't been very up-to-date about the recent developments taking place all over the the world. I admit. And to get back on track and to avoid any further embarrassment at being asked the same question yet again and again, I have finally vowed to myself to read the newspapers every day. And and and...I am keeping my promise as of now (feels nice to mention that here!)

Okay now that's one issue I've taken care of. But what about the other issues that have been nibbling away at my mind and plaguing my thoughts? For instance, these goddamn C Programming classes. I had the language as a subject in my first year at college, and God knows how I managed to scrape through! As soon as holidays began, the nice little studious girl buried somewhere deep inside me surfaced, and decided that it’d be good if I learn the language in these holidays so that I may find my future years as an engineering student easier. So I found myself attending C programming classes for beginners at a premier institute in the city, known for its great faculty and even better placements (I wonder what made them create such imaginary notions about themselves). But howsoever sincerely I might have attended the classes every other day, even with a swollen foot and an injured knee, I really don’t think the efforts did much good to me. Yes, I surely have a better idea of the subject now, but the sky-high claims that the people back at the institute had made at the time of fee payment, of making me an expert programmer, etc etc, have all gone down the drain. So now, here I stand, thinking of getting hold of a good book on the subject and starting off my own studies yet again. Wow, it’s a totally out of this world feeling to realize that I’ve been duped so royally (sarcasm intended)!!

Aahhh…how nice it feels, writing so much after so long. It reminds me of my childhood passion – writing. I used to be an avid storyteller as a toddler - and an unintentionally cute one at that - coming up with all kinds of hilarious stories involving every single animate and inanimate object I could lay my eyes upon. So be it a table lamp, a scooter, a family member or a cartoon, everything and everyone found a place in my stories. As I grew up, this knack for expressing ideas and thoughts got me inclined towards writing. And so, I used to write loads of poems and stories and even create science articles and puzzles. But the passion gradually fizzled out with time, and I really regret not writing any more. Sometimes I lie in bed at night - which is practically the only personal time I get in the whole day - and think. And when I am in my “thoughtful” mode, I come up with some real gems of lines and ideas. But being caught in the throes of sleep, I usually postpone penning them down until the next morning, which as they say, never comes. So, the last issue that I’m gonna address today is the need to reignite my writing habit. I think I need inspiration…lots and lots of it…but maybe I’ve got some of it today. So I guess I’m surely gonna come up with something worthwhile in the time to come.

Here I would like to sign off on a hopeful note. Take care and stay blessed! :)

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