Monday, May 11, 2015

My life, my mother and everything in between.

As a little child, I remember memorising and reciting a song in school that serenaded teachers on Teacher's Day. But since I was the teacher's pet, she let me in on her big secret: the song was originally written for mothers and she had conveniently replaced the word 'mother' with 'teacher' throughout the song. And I wondered to myself how changing the very subject of the ode still hadn't caused any change in the context or meaning of the song. That was the first time the uncanny resemblance between a mother and a teacher dawned upon me. Over the years I came to realize how my mother was indeed my first teacher. She taught me how to write, all alphabets aligned according to their heights, nothing over or under the designated lines. She taught me how to behave around boys and how to handle relationships and heartbreak. She taught me to be kind, charitable, strong-willed yet adaptable. And to this day my mom remains the best teacher I ever had.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Don't you worry child

Don't you worry child, he said
Everything will be alright

I know you've been forsaken
And had your share of woe
I know you hit the edge, he said
But that was long ago.

The pain will wither away
And the tears will be no more
Love will heal your heart, he said
Of that I'll make sure

I rue all those times when
I wasn't with you before
But it's a new beginning, he said
And I'm standing at your door

I know you've been aching
You miss a true friend
Here, hold my hand, he said
And I'll walk with you till the end

Your eyes are clear as glass
They tell me that you fear
 Go be a shining star, he said
Don't be afraid, I'm near

You'll fall, you're only human
And I'll swoop you off the ground
I'll be your shelter, he said
When the sky is falling down

You'll learn to trust again
And the sun will shine bright
Don't you worry child, he said
Everything will be alright

Monday, April 20, 2015

Why does everyone want to be a photographer these days?

What is it with photography that's turning mostly everyone into a photographer these days?

Seriously, what? 
Everyone wants to be a photographer today (and I don't exclude myself from that list). If you come to think of it, the number of SLR-brandishing amateur photographers in the world has escalated way too quickly for anyone to really fathom the hows and the whys. Sorry for the misleading title, though, because nope, I'm not going to give any well thought-out explanation for this most interesting phenomenon that's currently taking the world by storm. It's definitely got something to do with the falling prices of professional cameras in the market, I think. And of course, Canon and Nikon ad campaigns have a lot to do with it too. But I'd rather leave the analysis to the experts, which I clearly am not.

So what is it about photography that's so exciting?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Face to face with the man behind 'The Frog and the Nightingale'

I've been a writer for over 5 years. I know I'm probably repeating this, but it's just so astonishing that I sometimes can't believe it's been that long. It's been an incredible journey, and there's still so much more to do and learn! I started writing professionally on a whim some three years back when I was approached one day by the directors of an upcoming travel portal to freelance for them. Before that, I'd always pictured myself as a published writer in the foreseeable future. Signing copies, delivering talks, being appreciated for my works the world over. That has always been the dream. But as I began doing more of freelance work, my blog took a hit. The quality and frequency of posts on my blog began deprecating. Very soon I had started doubting myself, writing less, thinking but not translating the ideas into good pieces.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stepping out into the world.

My life is cliched and I make no bones about it. I am your typical Delhi-born, Delhi-bred girl. My schooling was completed here, and so was my undergraduate degree. So many of my friends left for other cities, some went abroad as well. I managed to get admission in one of the city's best colleges. And so, I stayed home. In many ways, it was a good thing too. No financial burden on my parents, more valuable time spent in my beloved city of birth, and of course, gharwalon ka pyaar.