Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: From Quetta to Delhi - Reena Nanda

"The lilting rhythms of Punjabi folk songs, the Siapewalli, and Naani wailing about her bad kismet caused by the chudail and dain. Partition changed the old traditions of Punjabiyat but in the pages of this book they come alive..."


Have you heard this word before?

Is the modern tandoori-chicken-eating, whiskey-guzzling, perpetually jovial sardar your idea of Punjabi culture, Punjabiyat? Do you know the deep cultural history and the set of ethos and traditions that underlie this 21st century forever-happy, forever-loud community that is spread out not only across the country but the world?

There is much more to Punjabis than the casual hedonists they are portrayed as across media. Even if to know that alone - and to get a little peek into the beliefs and mores of this beautiful and diverse culture - you must read Reena Nanda's memoir, From Quetta to Delhi (A Partition Story).

Sunday, March 25, 2018

I said yes to a challenge and my world changed forever

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay might have felt a few seconds before they conquered Everest?

I don't claim to have done anything remotely as momentous as they did. Of course. But I said yes to a challenge - I volunteered to do something totally uncharacteristic of me, something I always thought I wasn't cut out for - and I saw magic unfold. It changed my world, it changed the way I look at travel, and it changed my worldview forever. Most important, it changed the way I look at myself.

I have been travelling for some years now, and have experienced many a new culture, met many a stranger, and dealt with many a challenge on the move. But I recently came to the uncomfortable realisation that I've stayed within my comfort zone most of this time. I was strutting through new places, wonderful new experiences, and the company of fascinating strangers, wearing the thick coat of a hundred limitations and boundaries wrapped tightly around me.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

5 ways to deal with everyday stress like a boss

You live a life full of stress. It's time you admitted it (if you don't know it already).

Irrespective of whether you're a student, a professional in a corporate job, a stay-at-home parent, or a freelancer or full-time travel blogger. Where there is responsibility of any kind, where there is money to be made or bills to be paid, there is bound to be some kind of stress.

5 ways to deal with everyday stress like a boss

Personally, I never thought I worry. I always thought of myself as tension-free, carefree, a zen sort of a person. I always take life as it comes (mostly), I prefer not to think too far ahead (because it isn’t going to pan out right anyway), and I love my peace of mind too much to riddle it with worry.

But guess what? Lately I’ve discovered I’m a house of stress.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

5 incredible Bombay cafés that made me forget Delhi

I'm a Delhi girl, born and brought up in the city of Ghalib and smoke. But ever since I discovered Bombay, I've never looked at Delhi the same way.


I love Bombay. Just everything about it - the sense of freedom, the people, the cultural diversity, the architecture, the streets, and the incredible cafés and nightlife. But by nightlife, I don't mean clubs, because I'm not so big on partying. When I lived in Bombay, the things I went out looking for were quietude, good service, and amazing food (good choice of music also did it for me). And the best part of life in Bombay is that no matter what hour of the night you decide to step out at, you'd find people and food, somewhere, anywhere.

So many people who come to Bombay complain about the food and the daily struggles of living in this city. But they don't know the half of how amazing this city can be. So I thought I'd share some things that I think make Bombay an absolutely worthwhile experience.

Mumbai the city of dreams

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Book Review: Exit West - Mohsin Hamid

If you must read only one book in 2018, let it be this.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
Exit West by Mohsin Hamid was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017.
"...everyone migrates, even if we stay in the same house our whole lives, because we can't help it. We are all migrants through time."